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Get a beginner-friendly guide to Microsoft Azure and beyond with The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle.

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We depend so much on the Cloud that it’s no surprise that Cloud Architects are some of the highest-paid positions in tech. If you’re looking to climb the career ladder and earn a lucrative salary, The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle can help you reach your goals.

This bundle includes nine courses from cloud and AI expert Idan Gabrielli, an experienced solution engineer manager who has worked with hundreds of companies worldwide to help resolve business challenges. In this bundle, he provides more than 20 hours of training in cloud computing, machine learning and more technologies that will help you future-proof your cloud skills and earn a larger salary.

The beginner-friendly bundle will help you gain a fundamental understanding of cloud computing. You’ll explore private, public, hybrid and multi-clouds, learn the four service models and become familiar with storage, computing and networking. As you get more familiar, you’ll discuss different cloud deployment models and begin to get a practical understanding of Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s leading cloud providers. There are also courses on microservices architecture, machine learning and more to help you come up with creative solutions to a wide variety of cloud computing problems.

If you want to future-proof your skills, look no further than The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for just $29.99 — a fraction of the usual price.

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